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Thank you for supporting the future of inclusive play here in Castle Rock! The new playground will serve all families and will also include incredible new features to enhance the quality of life for hundreds of youth, adolescents and adults with disabilities in our community. It will have all the coolest climbing and play features, with pavilions and gathering places. The new accessible play area will showcase beautiful bright colors and smart design. For example, it will have a sensory wall, a barefoot walk, and slides safe for people with cochlear implants. It will feature platform entry or zero-entry access to people who use wheelchairs. It will be rich in sensory play areas. It’s an amazing project! Your donations will fund the features for the Possibilities Playground. Click the button below, or message us for more information.

Join us June 9, 5-8 pm

Butterfield Crossing Park

3952 Butterfield Crossing Dr.

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