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Legacy Trail at Gateway Mesa


After 4 years, construction is finally finished and the trail is completely open!!

The new Legacy Trail provides users with access to the unique northern forested portion of the property. This area is completely different from the dry, flat mesa. It is composed of dense mixed mature spruce, fir and Ponderosa pine trees, a few drainages, plunge pool wetlands, steep open scrub-covered slopes, and interesting sandstone and Castle Rock conglomerate rock formations along with ferns and rare mosses growing in the area.

Legacy Trail requires walking through steep and rocky terrain, so be aware of your abilities. Town Parks Staff recommend accessing the trail at the westernmost junction with Chuck’s Loop Trail (closest to the main trailhead) to follow a clockwise route heading towards the eastern junction with Chuck’s Loop Trail

Ridgline Open Space Trail Map Snippet.JP

Updated Trail Maps

Want to browse open space and trail areas or download a particular map? Click on the picture or view more to check out a map of town parks, open space areas and additional recreational amenities. Select a legend icon within the map to view details related to each location, including PDF maps. 


Trail Conditions

Before you head out for your next hike or bike ride, check the trail conditions of your destination with the Town's interactive trail conditions map. 

Special event trail closures are also listed online. 


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Hiking Etiquette

Curious about the best way to act while on trails or how other trail-users should behave?

Read the the following etiquette fact sheet from the American Hiking Society 


Right of Way?

So what do you do when you are on a trail -who has the right of way?  A hiker? A horse? A bike?

Click below to learn more from this informative article from REI. 

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